NBA 2K19 is Back and Mixing Things up with Exciting Changes

almamay | 05 December, 2018 04:50

NBA 2K19 is back and mixing things up with a few exciting changes. One of the newest tweaks in the game is an all-new Takeover system. Chances are, you've probably seen some sort of fire icon on your screen during matches. This symbol falls in line with the updated NBA 2K19 Takeover system, taking cues from the arcade classic, NBA Jam. That said, here's what the fire icon means when you see it in NBA 2K19.

The Clippers are tied for the best record in the Western Conference and it's time 2K gave the team its props. Harrell and SGA jumped three points, but so too did the team's best all-around player Tobias Harris. He's up two points to an 86 overall. He's knocking down 42 percent of his threes, scoring 21.6 points and snagging 8.4 rebounds per contest. Visual Concepts is aiming to give players more things to do in NBA 2K19, in an effort to reduce the frustrating roadblocks to making progress in MyCareer. It all sounds very promising for fans of the game's solo and online offerings fans whose complaints from last year seem to have been heard at the development studio.

Let's address the elephant in the room first: Yes, MyCareer is thirsty for microtransactions. The much debated, sometimes despised Virtual Currency is back, and once again, it plays a prime role in the life of your MyCareer created player. There's no getting around that, though there are more ways to earn VC than ever before. In fact, if you also play MyTeam mode this game's equivalent to the ubiquitous EA Sports Ultimate Team variations you will find that they complement each other very well in terms of productive grinding. Still, playing enough to progress in MyCareer and MyTeam would require a lot of time if you choose not to buy any VC.

Once you're in the NBA, it'll be Free Agency time. You'll now have to select one team, and try to negotiate your way into playing for them. Each team will offer you three things: minutes per game, VC earned per game, and a bonus meter for your performance. Based on these three factors, you have to select one team to sign with and play for. 

The NBA 2K19 mobile app is a great easy way to build up some VC quickly. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins kindly go to the internet site. All that's required is logging into the app on a daily basis and completing any tasks that are required. It allows gamers to earn a minimum of 600 VC per day. That's one opportunity to use time away from the gaming console to build up VC each day.

Your meter fills whenever you manage to snag rebounds, get assists, playing defense, or basically when you find some way to help your team. On the other hand, performing badly in NBA 2K19 reduces the meter. You'll want to avoid things such as turning the ball over, taking bad shots, or letting enemies score.

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