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almamay | 03 June, 2019 04:41

The sixth wave of Fate/Grand Order Duel figures features Martha (Ruler), Altria Pendragon (Archer), and Helena Blavatsky (Archer) as seen in the game's summer campaigns. Also along for the ride are Paracelsus (Caster) and Mephistopheles (Caster). There's also a secret figure, but we have no indication yet of who it is. Fingers crossed for Summer Mordred. As usual, each box contains one random figure, five Command Cards, one Status card, and three Skill cards.

The iOS version of FGO PROJECT's Fate / Grand Order dropped to 59th in the App Store sales ranking (game category) this weekend. According to AppAnnie 's data, it is the first out of TOP 50 since its release. Looking at the hourly graph, the release date of August 12, 2015 starts from the 47th place. Aniplex Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the sixth installment of the English summoner board game "Fate / Grand Order Duel -collection figure-" based on the battle of Fate RPG "Fate / Grand Order" for smartphones from Wednesday, May 29th. I will release it.

On the Facebook fan page account he has, he often shares things like Fate Grand Order , which is also a video of him doing Gacha on Fate Grand Order. If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz kindly visit our web site. Because the Sultan at Fate Grand Order often gives gacha videos, finally his fans are curious and many people are wondering about how much money he has spent on this game. In both of his accounts, he has already spent a lot of money on this Gacha game, which even requires a long scrolling time for each account, which turns out that the purchase reaches 90b for the first account, and 620 packs for the second account, the total he buys 1526 pack Saint Quartz or curency in the game.

The popularity of mobile games believes that disbelief has become a phenomenon that has succeeded in stirring the world of the game industry today. If in Indonesia the influence of mobile games is more dominated by the MOBA genre and Battle Royale which has warmed up for a long time, then the attention of most of the world to mobile games is even more focused on a feature that allows you to "gamble" to get an item or the rarest character hero in the game.

The FGO PROJECT is the "Fate / Grand Order" today (May 24th), with the treasure direction that appears in That manga shows! Fate / Grand Order "volume 2 launch commemorative campaign pickup summons (daily change)" It introduces. Are you still playing the Fate / Grand Order mobile game and still collecting the servants ? The story of the game produced by the DELiGHTWORKS studio and released by Aniplex has been adapted into anime, comics, and stage plays. Now, one of the comics will be released soon in Indonesia!

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