Popular naval battle game World of Warships

almamay | 14 June, 2019 04:36

The new levels IX Sovetsky Soyuz , X Kreml, IV Gangut and III Knyaz Suvorov join the battleships made available early last month, and they will be heavily armored warships with powerful weapons, ideal if used from a nearby or medium distance. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy WoWS Doubloons kindly go to the internet site. Designed for aggressive play, these ships are created for those on the battlefield who are leaders, allowing players to penetrate enemy lines and inflict serious damage on their opponents.

Today the developer and producer Wargaming has released a major new 0.8.4 update for its popular naval battle game World of Warships. The next episode of the cycle dedicated to the Soviet battleships marks the complete release of the new technological tree and brings to your ports the second phase of the "Victory" competition, a new season of classified battles and dynamic environments.

In recent years, PC users have been able to enjoy several Wargaming titles characterized by offering a free to play playable experience that has nothing to envy other projects that have opted for a more traditional playable experience. Good example of it are titles like ' World of Tanks ' or ' World of Warplanes ', counting both with versions for consoles of the current generation, but within the franchise 'World Of' still missing the third member in debuting on these platforms, something he will do in the coming weeks under the name of ' World of Warships: Legends'after verifying that, like his aerial and terrestrial brothers, it is a title very demanded by the community of players.
For the development of a specific World of Warships: Legends was responsible for the company's division in St. Petersburg. Project - fritupleynaya MMO, designed for team play. It was developed specifically for the console, "with the success of World of Warships on the PC." The last game also dealt with Wargaming Saint Petersburg. Such, according to Wargaming, is the current global audience of the game. The total audience of the company's projects exceeded 200 million users on various platforms.

Not a little proud, Wargaming has announced the milestone of one million commanders. A confirmation on console that is not surprising since the PC version has already worked well in the past. Success, however, comes relatively early, since it is barely a month since the title has done us the honor of its early access. The console version of the Wargaming naval battle apparently seduced the crowds. Already more than a million players have answered the call of the sea.

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