New Smite update adds serpent god

almamay | 03 July, 2019 04:58

Free to play MOBA Smite has introduced a new god to its huge roster in the latest update. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Cheap Smite Gems kindly go to our site. The new god is named Jormungandr, he's the mythical Norse serpent guardian and he's a bit unique when compared to other gods from the roster. Hi-Rez Studios' new update for their free to play MOBA Smite has added a new Norse guardian Jormungandr to the huge gods roster. Along with the new god, the new update introduces skins for other gods and changes to the deserter system.

Just like Paladins Hi-Rez dropped it on the system in a sort of beta form, allowing players to pay for Founders Packs (that would essentially allow access to all content, leaving cosmetics as microtransactions). Now, you can go to the eShop and download it for free without having to pay that premium: an "Ultimate God Pack" is still an option if you want all 100 Gods (characters) and future Gods. Back in January Hi-Rez Studios released Smite on Switch, but it wasn't fully-free-to-play.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Hi-Rez Studios announced their Hi-Rez Labs program, which would see them recruiting playtesters for upcoming projects for all platforms including mobile. And I guess they really DID have a mobile project up their sleeve already, as today they’ve officially announced SMITE Blitz for both iOS and Android. SMITE Blitz is described as a mythology-themed action RPG that takes place in an alternative SMITE universe and will offer “a huge variety of story, challenge and PvP game modes?" that will initially launch with 60 of the famous SMITE Gods with more already planned for future updates. You can see a little of SMITE Blitz in action in the following reveal trailer.

The MOBA title SMITE continues to grow with seasonal events and additional updates for fans, and Season 6 is just one of many that was scheduled to add new content to the game. Unfortunately, it was recently announced to be delayed due to the team adding some "final polish" to the new features, meaning they won't be available for use until a later date.

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