Arena of Valor starts players with two characters

almamay | 18 July, 2019 00:16

Instead of letting players choose their characters, Abyssal Clash picks fighters at random, though I do have the ability to reroll a limited number of times. Each team has just two towers and a core to defend on a single pathway, leading to matches that are frequently just all 10 people fighting at once in an all-out slobber-knocker. It’s quite the frantic mode and one I have to approach differently than the others. I can usually annihilate the competition with Valhein, one of the two characters I unlocked at launch, but I’m pretty much useless with him in Abyssal Clash. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Cheap Arena of Valor Account kindly go to our site.

Something that’s good for everyone though is the Nintendo Switch, whether you want quality Nintendo games, overlooked mobile games, indie surprising third party games, or even janky PC games. My personal affectation for Nintendo’s handheld/console hybrid has gotten me to give second chances to game genres I had previously written off completely, most recently roguelikes. Unfortunately, after playing Arena of Valor, the first Nintendo Switch MOBA now out of beta, I’m more convinced than ever the genre is just never going to be for me.

Boiled down to its core ingredients, Arena of Valor is your classic MOBA (Tencent also owns League of Legends developer Riot Games, so there’s some real pedigree to draw from). Whether playing one-on-one or in a five-versus-five setup, you’ll use a traditional top-down view to control a fantastical hero as they attempt to destroy the enemy team’s core on the other side of the map (while defending your own, of course). Each map is divided into three channels, with each one lined with defence towers on either side.

Arena of Valor is arguably the most popular video game in the world, clocking more than 200 million players before it debuted in North America in December. Compare that to other online blockbusters like League of Legends (103 million players as of 2016), Overwatch (40 million players as of May) and Fortnite (125 million players as of June), and Arena of Valor's reach is clear.


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